Week in Rewind: Attack on Liberty Village


August 15, 2014 – Toronto, Canada

Hey everyone, LocoMobi’s back to catch you up in The Conversation!

So a lot happened this week! We just released a new product, the Bluetooth GateKit! This bad boy lets you enter a gated parking lot or garage through a CarKit installation in your car or through your QuickPay app – completely hands free.

You don’t have to enter any codes or swipe any cards. Just drive through; that’s what we’re talking about when we say “reinventing the parking industry”! You can read more about it here.

The GateKit wasn’t the only thing we introduced, however! We finally found some time to explore Liberty Village and introduce ourselves to our neighbors! Everyone in Liberty Village was really friendly (not surprising). For those of you who didn’t get a visit from Joel, Alex, or Eric, stop by and visit us any time!

Speaking of visits, we got a surprise one from the Toronto Raptors’ Mascot! He came in like a wrecking ball, did handstands, and gave us an autographed picture. Perks of having our office next to a marketing firm like Bond!

So inventing tech, making friends and raptor attacks. Yep, just an average week at LocoMobi.