LocoMobi Awarded Chicago Skyway Toll Bridge to Deploy Payment and Control Applications

January 19, 2017 – Toronto,Canada (

LocoMobi is very pleased to announce its further entry into the integrated smart city transportation ecosystem. Already the leader in cloud ecosystems for parking, LocoMobi’s plan is to have a fully integrated transportation system for parking, tolling and transit, creating an infrastructure that allows people and cars to move easily from city to city.

The Chicago Skyway Toll Bridge serves over 14 million customers per year. LocoMobi’s world leading license plate recognition technology will be the backbone of the new payment system, so that each vehicle is processed and easily tracked in real-time for revenue control purposes. LocoMobi’s system will allow for a variety of innovative payment options including credit/debit/pin/chip card payment as well mobile and Tap-and-Go payment.

“When we were winners of the Smart City Competition in China we knew that we were on the right track”, says Grant Furlane, President, CEO & Co-founder of LocoMobi. “Having a more flexible and secure system benefits both owner and users.”

LocoMobi is executing quickly in the rapidly emerging market for electronic tolling systems and smart city infrastructure. The company plans to introduce its highly tested and proven transit system by end of year and will be the first to have the ability to manage and meet demands of the consumer by moving them seamlessly through the ecosystem of transportation.

About LocoMobi, Inc.

LocoMobi, Inc. is reinventing parking and transportation technology in the era of cloud, mobile, low-cost hardware and Internet of Things. LocoMobi was the very first to offer a cloud-based license plate recognition (LPR) system with a complete revenue engine that also provided a management system for virtual permitting systems, violation and citation  management. The company also designed and implemented the first LPR-based system incorporating payment stations and barrier gates, which was integrated into a single cloud based system. LocoMobi offer the largest suite of products including LPR, mobile, pay on foot stations, ticket dispensers, on-street multi-space meters and cloud software.

LocoMobi’s Mobile payment application, LocoMobi Quickpay™, also complements any parking facility as an alternative to the payment station utilizing the same rate engine and cloud portal.

QuickPay can be used standalone, integrated with legacy hardware at low cost, or as part of a fully integrated LocoMobi system to deliver new value for drivers as well as parking owners and operators.

LocoMobi has also recently introduced a full system for in-garage guidance, significantly helping drivers find open spaces and minimizing time spent driving around looking for spaces. The system even helps users locate their car upon return to the facility.

LocoMobi’s product offerings are unique in their level of comprehensiveness, innovation, and price: installations typically have twice the functionality at approximately half the price of competitive systems. LocoMobi’s innovations have recently garnered worldwide attention when the Company was a winner of the award for TiE50 best new technology in the world, where over 2800 companies from 27 countries were considered. The awards were presented at the Annual TiE50 conference held in the Silicon Valley.

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