LocoMobi At Springdale Medical Centre


February 13, 2015 – Toronto, Canada

Obtaining LocoMobi’s first management location was an exciting addition to our system, and an attest to what LocoMobi parking solutions could really offer. Springdale Medical Centre was having a problem keeping their parking lot available for staff and clients due to the fact that it is directly across from the Brampton Civic Hospital. Hospital visitors were taking advantage of the nearby free parking, and filling it to the point that there was no room left for the business that owned it!

The solution seemed simple: enforce paid parking and provide the Springdale tenants with a validation system for their patients or clients. But changing a free parking lot to enforced paid parking was never going to be an easy task.

Initially LocoMobi installed LPR cameras and gated entries with a free entrance and a paid exit. The LPR cameras ensured that the logged duration spent in the parking lot was extremely accurate, so no one overpaid for parking. After seeing this system in action LocoMobi decided Springdale required a more streamlined solution. Now clients will be able to choose their duration time and pay upfront before exiting the lot, effectively removing any congestion and preventing line ups from occurring upon leaving the lot!

Springdale Medical Building has taken a little more time and planning than initially anticipated, but it has done nothing but demonstrate the true flexibility of LocoMobi’s solution and the way it can be easily implemented into any situation.

We spoke with Kristen Furlane, Operations Manager for LocoMobi and one of the team members who are overseeing the transition of the system at Springdale, to see what she had to say about the new changes.

So Kristen, LocoMobi has made a few changes at Springdale, what were the common issues you saw with the initial system integration?

I’d say the biggest hurdle we faced was explaining that the system did not require the use of tickets and that payment was calculated from a photo taken of your license plate or entering the digits of your license plate into one of the payment meters. This is still a very new concept that people are adapting to so we were on site every week helping tenants of the building with any questions or concerns they had for us. Having to deal face to face with customers allowed us to enhance our system because we saw the daily operations of the lot. This helped us better understand the customers of the lot, which helped us give them a fully customized system that fit their needs.

How will the new changes make parking even easier for the clients of Springdale?

The new system is very simple, now being switched to a Prepaid Parking solution. Parkers will drive into the lot, similar to our parking system at Cinema Towers in Toronto, and will pay on foot before going into the building. Also, by changing the system over to prepaid parking will be a great opportunity to offer our QuickPay app on another lot. This will give parkers an extra payment option creating an even more streamlined experience. For example, if a parker is stuck in an appointment longer than they anticipated they will now have the option to add time to their parking from the convenience of their cell phone, not having to go find a machine to pay at before their time expires.

Why do you think LocoMobi is still the best solution for this location?

Unlike other companies LocoMobi is able to provide a full streamlined solution. No one else has a system like ours; we are not only the parking equipment manufacturer, but also the parking management company. We are pioneers in our industry and always striving to provide the best parking experience for our clients and customers. Readapting our system is a much easier task than that of a company who offers a conventional parking system because our whole system is cloud based. This allows us to continuously add and change features to the system to fit each of our clients.

So there you have it! With the help of LocoMobi, Springdale Medical Centre will be able to ensure their clients have parking whenever they need to visit.