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    How Parking Facilities Will Transform into Transportation Hubs

    2023-01-26T16:18:36+00:00January 26th, 2023|

    Jan 26, 2023 Grant Furlane, Locomobi World We are constantly hearing the buzzwords, “Mobility Hub”, “Charging Hubs” and “Transportation Hubs”. All are a victim or result of the rapid evolution of smart city initiatives. With rapid population growth in urban centers, congestion becomes a major challenge accompanied by all the new implications surrounding it like [...]

    Pollution and Crowding Reduced without Friction

    2023-01-23T22:23:11+00:00January 23rd, 2023|

    Jan 23, 2023 Grant Furlane, Locomobi World Grant is very clear on the vision and mission of LocoMobi World.  It moves vehicles, people and data through their WorldStream cloud portal using world-secure technology that connects communities. He has drilled down on a thirty-year problem of people, congestion, and pollution and reduced it to the thought [...]

    The Work Force of the Future

    2023-01-20T17:18:07+00:00January 20th, 2023|

    Jan 20, 2023 Grant Furlane, Locomobi World People are very interesting creatures, and they can be a blessing or a tough nut to crack when it comes to working, leadership, and team dynamics. Every single human relates and behaves just a little differently than every other human and somehow you must learn how to bring [...]

    Video analytics: Cutting Edge AI

    2023-01-05T16:54:15+00:00January 5th, 2023|

    Jan 5, 2023 Grant Furlane, Locomobi World As we step further into the age of Artificial Intelligence, one theme that stands out is the merging of video and machine learning to better surveil our world. The term Video Analytics best describes the multiple ways in which this field has revolutionized the use of cameras and [...]

    The Future of Robotics in the Smart City: A Preview for 2023

    2022-11-22T20:06:06+00:00November 22nd, 2022|

    Nov 22, 2022 Grant Furlane, Locomobi World Robots, the word derives from a 1920's play but represents a variety of automated forms today. Approximately 2.25 million robotic types worldwide, and over 200 million are predicted by 2030. The future of robotics is assured as we become more familiar with and dependent on them. Robots were [...]

    The Future of Sports: The 560 Kids of Ontario Junior Hockey

    2022-11-07T16:29:44+00:00November 7th, 2022|

    Nov 7th 2022 Grant Furlane, Locomobi World The Ontario Junior Hockey League prides itself on being on the cutting edge of player advancement today. Their philosophy is geared towards more than just creating the best players yet to the development of young men through hockey. They strive to address the whole individual through the medium [...]

    Leading Data Analytics and Veteran Entrepreneur to Join the Locomobi World Team

    2022-11-16T14:21:06+00:00October 27th, 2022|

    October 27th 2022 Grant Furlane, Locomobi World Toronto, Canada - Locomobi World is pleased to announce Mark Majewski has joined the Management Team as Director of Strategic Alliances. He has grown a multinational semiconductor company in Canada, with sales of $20 to $200 million per year. He was also the Vice President of two technology [...]

    Smart Cities: The Ultimate Guide to Future Living

    2022-10-26T14:28:59+00:00October 24th, 2022|

    October 24th 2022Grant Furlane, Locomobi World As temperatures rise worldwide and many of our institutions become obsolete, the rise of innovation in housing is inevitable. The restrictions brought about by Covid accelerated combining innovation and technology. There is a shift underway to transform our living conditions. It may come as a shock to learn that [...]

    Safe cities of the future: All you need to know to be prepared

    2022-09-26T16:26:57+00:00September 26th, 2022|

    September 26th 2022Grant Furlane, Locomobi World The pandemic showed us the vulnerability of our cities and how unprepared they were in case of a disaster striking. Complacency in times of peace is part of the human condition but we need a better state of preparedness for future crisis events which we know will be inevitable. [...]

    Grant Furlane: We Move People, Vehicles And Data

    2022-06-23T13:52:40+00:00June 23rd, 2022|

    Emily LewisLast Updated: June 22, 2022Made in CA Exclusive Interview LocoMobi World Inc. is a cloud-based Smart City technology company specializing in parking, tolling, transit, storage, asset tracking, fleet and threat management solutions. Our WorldStream cloud portal is the first fully distributed cloud infrastructure management system. In addition, LocoMobi World provides pioneering technology to government, [...]

    Grant Furlane, CEO of LocoMobi World on the Cover of the Mirror Review as a Dominant Cloud Leader of 2022

    2022-11-10T15:34:59+00:00March 22nd, 2022|

    Grant Furlane, CEO of LocoMobi World Inc. is featured on the cover of the Mirror Review as one of the 10 Dominant Cloud Leaders of 2022. Read the full article: LocoMobi World Inc.: Transforming Smart Cities With The Latest Technology Innovations

    LocoMobi World’s CEO Grant Furlane is Featured In CIO Bulletin

    2022-11-10T15:35:00+00:00December 13th, 2021|

    Permission to post this article has been granted by and was published in 10 Most Prestigious Companies of the Year 2021. LocoMobi World Inc. — A Smart City Technology Company with a Vision of Creating Fully Connected Cities Worldwide Today, 54% of the world's population lives in cities, and this number is expected to [...]

    LocoMobi World’s CEO Grant Furlane is Featured In Business Talk Magazine

    2022-11-10T15:35:00+00:00December 7th, 2021|

      Permission to post this article has been granted by and was published on December 1, 2021 in  Influential Business Leaders 2021. GRANT FURLANE: A LEADER BEYOND CONVENTIONAL BOUNDS They say, “Leaders are made, not born.” Much like empires, companies come and go, but the deeds of their leaders last a lifetime. Looking back over the [...]

    LocoMobi World’s Is Featured as One of the Top 50 Best Companies of the Year 2021, in

    2022-06-13T07:22:07+00:00November 16th, 2021|

      Permission to post this article has been granted by and was originally posted on Top 50 Best Companies of the Year 2021. LocoMobi World’s plethora of prestigious accolades over the past years is a testament to its innovative, specialized and dedicated solutions to make the world a better place  Farmington, MI – November [...]

    LocoMobi World Featured As One of 20 Most Promising Smart City Solution Providers 2021 by CIOReview

    2022-11-10T15:35:01+00:00October 4th, 2021|

      Permission to post this article has been granted by and was originally posted at Smart City CIOReview LocoMobi World: The Future of Cloud-Connected Urban Transit Systems Sprawling highways, full of serpentine rows of vehicle traffic, dot the downtown Toronto cityscape housed in the Golden Horseshoe, the industrial hub of Southern Ontario. With eyes [...]

    LocoMobi World Named Top 30 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2021 by The Silicon Review

    2022-11-10T15:35:01+00:00May 28th, 2021|

    May 28, 2021  Toronto, ON - LocoMobi World is pleased to announce that they have been named as one of the Top 30 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2021 by the Silicon Review. The Silicon Review is considered the world’s most trusted online and print community for business & technology professionals. The pre-eminent platform shares innovative [...]

    LocoMobi World Inc. Named 14th in the 25 Top-Funded PropTech Startups in Canada

    2022-11-10T15:35:01+00:00February 22nd, 2021|

    February 22, 2021 Toronto, ON - Proptech’s 2021 Inaugural Report has named LocoMobi World the 14th Top-Funded Startup in Canada. LocoMobi World was also ranked in the top ten for commercial storage and logistics. PropTech is a collective of real estate professionals, technologists, city builders, and entrepreneurs who believe technological innovation can change the built [...]

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