The WorldStream Onsite Server is a powerful computer installed onsite which synchronizes all the building’s LocoMobi World equipment, data and configuration to the WorldStream portal. The WorldStream portal allows operators to control settings and view reports from anywhere in the world. WorldStream Onsite Server along with the WorldStream Cloud Portal are vital components giving LocoMobi World its edge.

The WorldStream Onsite Server (WOS) makes the system more robust, fast and secure. WOS includes all software systems and hardware needed for the system to function.

Benefits & Features

  • The WOS allows the building to function smoothly, even if the internet connection to the outside world gets cut off
    • Visitor & resident permits, settings, usage reports, images and more are all synced with the cloud as soon as connection is restored
    • The WOS encrypts and secures all communication
  • The powerful microprocessor and Artificial Intelligence accelerator allows ultra fast and accurate licence plate recognition onsite
    • Plate images are uploaded to the cloud after the plate is scanned, ensuring no lag in opening the gate/door
  • The WOS runs the system self-checks and self heal systems, often identifying and fixing issues, thus avoiding delays and complaints