WorldStream Dispatch

On-Site On-Demand Parking Management

Seamless, Automated & Real-Time Peace of Mind for Commercial & Condominium Parking

With WorldStream Dispatch, there is no need for on-site security personnel. We provide coverage only when required through automated on-demand requests, manual on-demand requests or scheduled patrols. With our WorldStream Cloud Portal, you can view the status of the request in real time and track on the system map.

Commercial Parking

  • Ungated Parking Lots
    In ungated LPR Express parking lots customers pay for their parking which logs the cars that enter the lot via their license plate number. On lots with BriskPark Pay Stations, the Passage Pass tracks which plates have paid so you always know when there are cars on the lot that have not paid and patrols when the system signals a need versus regular costly patrols when not required. With Spot Informant, patrollers ticket any car that stays more than the maximum time allowed.
  • Gated Parking Lots
    In gated parking lots we provide a 24/7 intercom or phone support so you can have someone on-site when you need it. Gate won’t open? Suspicious activity? We can also provide on-site services such as a SafeWalk to your car. When using BriskPark’s SmartDoor controller, an automatic dispatch will be sent based on configurable alerts such as gate open for too long, or any number of sensors.

Condominium Parking

  • Automated Requests
    If the parking management system detects any of the following, it can request a security guard be sent to the site: Tickets can be issued when a vehicle enters the garage when not allowed; Vehicle with non-approved license plate tailgates into garage; Visitor has overstayed their permit time.
  • Manual Requests
    Via the WorldStream Portal, either the remote call centre or on-site team can request a security team be sent for: suspicious activity in or around the site and/or issue parking tickets. Concerned residents can either alert via an app or indirectly via a call centre and request a security guard.
  • Scheduled Patrols
    At regular intervals, you can request to have scheduled patrols. This makes residents feel safe as they see people on-site making sure everything is ok. It also makes perpetrators feel unsafe, as they know the area is being patrolled. Be alerted to vandalism or break-ins soon after it happens.

Benefits & Features

  • Save money on staff
  • Save money on insurance costs
  • Better customer experience
  • Unprecedented flexibility
  • Respond to real-world issues with increased security as needed
  • Real time updates
  • Full audit reports
  • 14 “floater” security vehicles in circulation
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