Manage your property from anywhere in the world

The WorldStream Cloud Portal is our flagship management system built and revolving around cloud technology. A step ahead of the game, the Cloud Portal connects and “speaks” with our mobile pay stations and License Plate Recognition cameras to provide real-time updates on revenue, operational status, and customer statistics. Leveraging the “brains-in-the-cloud” and integrated “Apps”, the WorldStream Cloud Portal is the most functional, the most secure and most complete management system on the market. As a modular portal design with integrated functional applications (Apps), the Cloud Portal is capable of assigning individual Apps to distinct functions and assigning access to different management levels.

Benefits & Features

  • Organized, specialized “Apps” to simplify and streamline management
  • Easily integrated into any parking environment
  • Receive all updates on essential operations in real-time
  • Manage multiple parking lots, garages, and operations with one portal
  • The convenience of having all your parking statistics and equipment configurations under one portal
  • Forecast and benchmark parking statistics with user-friendly and easily accessible reports and updates
  • Rest secured and assured with heavily encrypted software and extensive permission levels