Virgil Integrity Network (VIN) = Trust
Next generation software platform designed to tackle today’s information security problems head-on.

Virgil Systems offers a lightweight middleware solution that seamlessly integrates into any device (mobile, desktop, server, OT, IoT), public and private networks, and existing workflows. The process combines quantum-inspired techniques and distributed ledger technology.

VIN™ leverages breakthroughs in error correction and distributed ledger technology, inspired by quantum theory techniques.

The number one threat to the future of smart cities are cyber attacks. The advent of quantum computing will make the standard security tools used today useless. The only way to provide peace of mind is knowing that your data is:

  • Tamperproof – ensure no unauthorized changing of data
  • Can not be intercepted during transit
  • Can not be accessed by unauthorized hackers on your server

VIN™ Puts a stop to any unauthorized data access, exposure, or breach while also providing attribution and provenance to all data and any attempt to interfere with it maliciously.


  1. Sender node: encodes data and spreads to distributed ledger
  2. Distributed ledger: validate, store, entangle data with immutable transaction record
  3. Secure channel: transmits map to recipient
  4. Receiver node: requests data and decodes


  • The Virgil Integrity Network™ leverages the concepts of distributed ledgers and unique error correcting codes in which the data representation is self-healing.
  • Patented transport protocol applies the scientific principles of holography and quantum-inspired encoding techniques like superposition and entanglement to the distributed data.
  • As the network grows, so too does the confidence that all data remains in integrity between senders and receivers.
  • It is a middleware solution that operates between communications protocols (like TCP/IP) and applications that receive data transfer.


  • Most data integrity methods verify integrity post transmission. Virgil’s method ensures data arrives with integrity with highly-reliable error correction.
  • Ensures the integrity of all your organization’s communications without any changes in organizational workflows.
  • All network nodes are secure.
  • Achieves all the benefits of assured transmission integrity with a negligible compromise in bandwidth capacity.
  • Rather than having several providers for each network type, Virgil secures all of an organization’s networks, from IoT to Internet file transfers.