VideoPark controls numerous Lane Cameras, either as a single camera or multiple cameras per lane. Surveillance cameras can also be controlled to enhance the remote visibility of the parking facility. A camera can be mounted to read either the front or rear license plate. Each camera streams video to the central VideoPark Controller, which in turn performs the License Plate Recognition. When a plate is identified, further processing is performed to determine the status of the vehicle. A lane camera can trigger a gate in an enforced lane to open automatically if the vehicle is authorized, or if the lane is set to allow all. The camera can be set to capture on trigger from ground-loops or continuous capture as in live streams.

Benefits & Features

  • LocoMobi Cloud-Based Controller
  • Two way communication from devices to Cloud portal
  • Linux based operating system with high level encryption and secure firewalls
  • Operates when internet is down and will store up to 50,000 transactions
  • No down time