Monitor parking stall capacity and display availability

The LocoMobi Vehicle Guidance System monitors parking stalls and displays availability. All of the stalls are monitored by a ceiling mounted camera that monitors 1 or 2 stalls for vacancy combined with a display sign alerts drivers to available spaces in each zone or level. The Video Detector is a ceiling-mounted unit available as either: • Double Mode: 2 cameras + 1 LED (detects two opposite parking bays at the same time) • Single Mode: 1 camera + 1 LED (detects one parking bay with one camera.)

LocoMobi offers a Vehicle Locator Kiosk for people who may have forgotten where they parked their vehicle. The customer can enter the license plate number at the Vehicle Locator Kiosk and be informed of the location of their vehicle. Each Vehicle Locator Kiosk can be located in any high-traffic area and/or near pay stations. A customer can type in the License Plate number to locate the parking location and route to the vehicle. The Vehicle Locator Kiosk also supports “ambiguous search” by typing in the approximate parking time, then selecting corresponding car pictures within that period.

How it works

All images are sent to a Video Image Processor for analysis, which forwards the data to the Video Control Server, which in turn triggers the appropriate RED or GREEN LED to indicate stall availability.

Each Indoor Guidance Display receives parking bay information from the Video Control Server, displaying all available number of space in real time. Each Level/Outdoor Guidance Display displays parking availability on each level in an independent.

The Indoor Guidance Display System indicates parking availability in Red, Green and Amber colors. The display can also be set to one, two or three-arrow directions through software. All display content can be set and changed by parking management software.

Benefits & Features

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Faster parking
  • No wait times and no forgotten parking spaces makes for a better experience for your customers
  • Secure Reserved Parking Spots
    • Use the sensor lights to secure parking spots for permitted and long term parkers
  • Recording and monitoring
    • Monitor length of stay to forecast future parking needs and customize parking rates Red – Occupied Green – Available
Vehicle Guidance System
Vehicle Guidance System Diagram