Advanced Parking Technology

LocoMobi’s Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system offers advanced parking technology that allows the user a streamlined experience in parking and building access. LocoMobi’s RFID system includes enhanced security, advanced control and administration with increased lot compliance.

How it works

RFID tags and readers make reporting very robust. Access and denial of access reporting is a powerful tool for managing sites. Billing is made very easy.

Short Range Proximity Cards:

LocoMobi’s Cloud solution makes installation of proximity cards a very easy decision. Lost cost proximity cards can be distributed to customers requiring access to buildings and parking alike requiring a single solution.

Medium Range Tags:

LocoMobi’s Cloud solution makes in-vehicle tag installation a very attractive solution for users requiring a more permanent fixed installation. This is ideal for customers that have fleets of vehicles or if customers want the most efficient experience by driving up in a controlled lane without interaction from the customer.

Remote Management:

Each LocoMobi RFID reader is capable of downloading valid tag numbers in real time from the LocoMobi Cloud. Storing valid tag numbers in the RFID reader memory makes it possible to sustain localized operation even with communication interruptions from the internet. The RFID reader will process tags from the stored database and realtime downloads will simply resume once the internet connection is restored.

Benefits & Features

  • The revolutionary LocoMobi Cloud RFID Reader, with online and offline Functionality.
  • The ability to integrate into any pay station that communicates with cloud server
  • The option to include ticket LPR as a redundancy
  • Frequency: 902~928MHZ
  • Size: 450X450X50MM (Size is subject to change)
  • Voltage: DC-12V±2V
  • Protocol: ISO-18000-6C (EPC G2) or ISO-18000-6B
  • Interface: Wiegand26
  • Range: 6~8 m