Create and manage rewards for your customers!

MoveBe allows merchants to create unique offers or incentives to drive customers to their location. Offers and incentives can be adjusted in real-time depending on performance.

Build your Brand

MoveBe is an application created to help merchants drive customer traffic to their businesses through various programs and offers such as refunding a customer’s public transit ride, paying for their parking, or giving them credit for a cab ride.

Have a cafe full of staff but empty tables due to bad weather? Offer a short team special deal. Have a shelf full of merchandise you want to clear? Create an offer for these items. Target people anxious to get their mode of transit paid for and also customers near your establishment.

Benefits & Features

  • Easy flat fee makes calculations easy
  • More meaningful than simply giving a discount
  • Promotions can be given each and every visit
  • Give customers a great reason to come back
  • Discounting doesn’t build your business. Rewards do
  • Zero Distribution Costs. Simple to manage and measure
  • The consumer just took a bus ride, or is about to take a ride, plans to take a taxi home, or parked their car
  • Reach beyond bargain seekers