The Mojo is our most cost-effective pay station!

The Mojo is designed for on street, gated, and non-gated properties, built with security and functionality in mind. Parkers can pay by space, pay by plate, or pay & display! Operating on a superior Arm 7 system and built around cloud connectivity, the Mojo is ready to survive all conditions from thunderstorms to blackouts.

Benefits & Features

  • Speeds up traffic at exits with express credit/debit payments offering customers a tap option
  • Pay by plate validations
  • Connects to the Cloud, making it easy to track usage and revenue reports in real time
  • Allows for AC or solar power DC configuration
  • 24 hour online support available in real-time
  • Remote configuration of rates
  • Real-time reporting and alarms
  • Operates gated or ungated environments
  • Withstands XTREME weather conditions
  • Accepts virtual permits and merchant validations
  • Provides a keypad for license plate or space entry
  • Includes separate maintenance and collection compartments for enhanced security
  • Utilizes an anti-theft locking system
  • Cellular communication option