A full scalable customer feedback system

LocoMobi World’s License Plate Recognition System (LPR) is a fully scalable solution with a combination of innovative hardware and software products. Introducing the newest system add-on, the LPR Interactive Feedback System. Drivers receive real-time feedback from the LPR smart programmable LED sign and/or an industrial light tower with an optional voice speaker.

The sign displays feedback to the driver when their plate is being scanned, and the result: permitted or not permitted. Drivers not approved can be instructed to use the intercom, or the system can trigger it automatically, along with any other supported intercoms. The system is fully customizable and programmable, allowing it to be tailored to the customer’s specific needs!

Benefits & Features

  • Fully customizable programming of LED sign messaging and voice feedback.
  • Easily integrated into any current or new LPR system.
  • Cost-effective and increases customer satisfaction.
  • User-friendly: users feel at ease with the LPR system by having interactive instructions.
  • Environmental Sustainability: instructing drivers lowers idle time and stops vehicles from blocking traffic.
  • Feedback to non-compliant parkers and informing them to register their license plate will increase future compliance.