LPR Express

Smart – Secure – Frictionless – Safe – Sustainable
Keep tenants safe and tresspassers out

LPR Express is first in class in License Plate Recognition. The LPR access cameras read license plates upon vehicle entry and exit of the parking garage in seconds. It then grants automated gate access for tenants, customers, visitors, and registered guests without the use of permits, fobs, or key cards, providing a frictionless experience for drivers. Using artificial intelligence and algorithms, our system is able to achieve 99.9% read rates. Secondary innovation guarantees 100% access (no missed plates). With industry leading best in class LPR read rates, we are able to lead with LPR as the primary source for validation and power our other innovative solutions such as PassagePass, Arrival Alarm, LetMeThrough and CondoPark.

Benefits & Features

  • Highest read-rate in the industry: 99.9% accuracy of reading legally compliant plates and inclusive of all vehicle types when using rear and front plate cameras
  • Prevents abuse: control how many guests a tenant may invite, system blocks reservations if all visitor spots are taken
  • Remote technical support: ability to adjust camera settings remotely, automated system health checks, and automated resolutions
  • Enhanced user experience with interactive feedback using voice, lights, or LED signage
  • No leaning out of car to press buttons, no apps to install, and no requirement for bluetooth
  • Caller-ID access for backup redundancy in the event a plate is damaged or non-compliant, and cannot be read
  • Real-time monitoring and detection of all unauthorized entries, including pedestrians and bicycles
  • Tenants/Concierge can register guests online; no more “passed around” access keys which can be lost or shared
  • Easy Installation
  • Cloud-Based Reporting & Software
  • Sustainable & Efficient
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Ultimate Security
  • Technical Support