Frictionless & secure parking access control for hotel guests & visitors

HotelPark provides seamless parking access control for your hotel guests and visitors! Using LocoMobi World’s state-of-the-art license plate recognition system, parking gates open and close automatically when guests arrive. No need for tickets or access cards, as their vehicle’s license plate number acts as a virtual permit! Allows easy in and out for guests, even if the lot also supports paid parking. In addition to denying access to guests whose reservation has expired, HotelPark also sends out alarms to guests who have overstayed their allotted time. Know when guests arrive on the hotel property before they even check in with the concierge and always know who is on your property in real time!

Benefits & Features

  • Encrypted cloud connection ensure maximum security and privacy
  • Front Desk can register hotel guests via their license plate; no “passed around” or lost access cards
  • Track valet users and manage hotel guests, deliveries, and other visitors through portal access
  • No clunky equipment, no leaning out of the car to press buttons, and no required apps to install
  • Pre-register visitors’ plates for events ie. weddings, conventions, and business meetings
  • Revenue Driven
  • Ultimate Security
  • Technical Support
  • Easy Installation
  • Sustainable & Efficient
  • Web Based Software