Data Server & Middleware

LocoMobi’s Global Data Server is a highly intelligent system specializing in traffic and tolling environments. It combines data servers and middleware that gathers information from different endpoints to make it available through an easy to use graphical interface.

Electronic toll collection, urban transportation management and automated speed control are no longer separate statistics, but can now be executed daily. This is a complete solution for transportation systems. It incorporates endless amounts of vital, smart transmitted data into one integral location, for the end user.

The Server Has 3 Main Functions


Provides data to the end users


Assures secure storage and quick availability of gathered information


Allows the end user to view and control the data

The back office application can display the most recent, as well as historical information in a graphical interface. Through this, users can verify conditions and parameters of specific  points such as traffic statistics, filtered data, visual surveillance and reports which are all available in real-time.

This fast and easy to operate graphical interface brings order to chaos!

Benefits & Features

  • Optimized traffic speed, easier toll collection, safer roads
  • Support of other traffic-related agencies (parking, law enforcement, border control, tariff, tax and statistics)
  • User and developer friendly and fast ROI
  • Useful outside traffic related applications where complex image and text-based data is mass processed (international borders, shipping ports, logistics, airports, etc.)