A new level of efficiency and practicality

The patented LocoMobi GateKit has introduced a new level of efficiency. By automating the entire parking process with one simple tool, parking becomes a seamless experience for customer and operator alike.

Integrating into any existing parking barrier, the GateKit allows a seamless customer entry and exit at any facility by uses advanced Bluetooth technology and existing mobile gateways. The system works in conjunction with the QuickPay mobile parking app to enable a unique and highly secure transaction process. It automatically activates specific payment options to raise the gate for each end-user based on each particular parking facility. The GateKit is also fully integrated with the WorldStream Cloud Portal, which tracks and efficiently monitors all traffic activity for parking lot operators.

Benefits & Features

  • Low development cost
  • Integrated with the WorldStream Cloud Portal with the ability to track analytics, generate reports and configure rate structures in real-time via a live dashboard that can be customized to integrate with any traffic lanes
  • Easily integrates into any gated parking environment
  • Multiple virtual validation departments