Mobile license plate scanner

The EyeMobile Camera is a high performance mobile license plate scanner that truly is on the move. Today’s markets demand hardware and software solutions that can read license plates while the camera is in motion. Up until now, with no reliable way to trigger, the processing power needed for these applications ranged from immense to non-existent. With its revolutionary software based triggering algorithm, compact size, discreet design and the world’s most sophisticated ANPR engine, the EyePark Mobile camera family provides an all-in-one solution to the greatest challenge in ANPR yet: capturing and reading license plates while both the camera and the vehicle are in motion.

Benefits & Features

  • Reads license plates from moving vehicles
  • Ideal for toll collection, police applications and parking enforcement
  • ONVIF compliant device
  • Onboard ANPR software (M402)
  • Patrol car, roadside, barrier and gate mounting
  • Quick and easy installation with single cable connection
  • Easy pan/tilt and external mounting on any vehicle
  • Optimized for MobilSpot®

How It Works