Supporting the Smart City Infrastructure

We provide electric vehicle charging stations for your buildings for private or public use. From site assessment to installation and ongoing management, we’re your partners in multi-tenant EV charging. Our solutions are designed specifically for multi-unit residential, workplace, commercial and retail settings. Our WorldStream Cloud Portal connects and “speaks” with EV Stations and Drivers, providing a seamless experience. Owners of buildings receive reporting, analytics and real-time information. Drivers can create and manage their accounts.

Benefits & Features

  • Site assessments, installations, and network management are all included.
  • Our open-standards approach ensures you’re free to switch between hardware and software providers without risking your investment.
  • Our software enables more chargers and drivers to be supported at lower cost. We’ll ensure scalability as demand for charging grows.
  • Simple Management for Owners. Our admin dashboard tracks relevant metrics, such as energy usage and revenue. Key features include charger access control, automatic billing and payments, usage reporting & analytics, loitering enforcement, customer & technical support.
  • Easy access for drivers. They can create and manage account, add funds, locate nearby chargers, activate chargers, and view transaction history.