Keep tenants safe and trespassers out

CondoPark is a cloud-based parking and access control system, that allows you to control all parking activities, equipment, and solutions from your property in one central location. Using innovative Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) technology along with our proprietary artificially intelligent applications, properties can track all vehicles entering/exiting the property in real time. Permits and guest reservations are registered through an online portal, so it is simple as the car driving up to the property, without the need for any social interaction with property staff, FOBs, tickets, or any sort of paper validation. With the license plate acting as a virtual permit, this eliminates trespassers through access key sharing and requires less attention from property management.

Benefits & Features

  • Encrypted cloud connections ensure maximum security and privacy
  • Tenants can register guests; no more “passed around” access keys
  • Gates automatically open when approved plates are recognized
  • Multiple enforcement, concierge & staff personnel can manage residents and visitors through portal access
  • Connect & control all parking activities, equipment and solutions from all your properties in one central hub
  • Revenue for selling unused parking spaces is shared by the condo board