Visitor management solution powered by “Call When Here” technology

Monitor and control all your parking solutions while increasing tenant service with full control of your residents’ safety, without the installation of any major hardware or cameras. Introducing the “Call When Here” feature, tenants and visitors can now access the property by simply speed-dialing the gate/door call number from their vehicle. Access will only be granted if the driver’s or visitors phone number is registered and active at the time they call. For just pennies a day, CondoPark-Lite is the most cost-effective and reliable system for properties that want to ensure the safety and security of their tenants!

Benefits & Features

  • Tenants can register guests; no more “passed around” access keys
  • No leaning out of car to press button, no apps to install, and no requirement for bluetooth
  • Multiple enforcement, concierge & staff personnel can manage residents and visitors through portal access
  • Prevents abuse – control how many guests a tenant may invite, blocks reservations if all visitor spots are taken
  • Designed for all buildings and gated communities
  • Cost-Effective
  • Full Audit Reports
  • Technical Support
  • Easy Installation
  • Sustainable & Efficient
  • Web Based Software