Parking processing redefined

The Cashier Fee Computer is the most intuitive computer designed for cashiers in parking environments. It is a touch-screen computer sporting a 15” LCD display and can be configured to operate as a central cashier or exit cashier for parking control!

It can be easily integrated with LPR to display licence plates and fares owed, and comes with a separate receipt printer and validator.

Benefits & Features

  • Multiple rate structures (base, dynamic, etc)
  • US or Canadian exchange calculator
  • Multiple discount options for fares
  • Over 999 Merchant Validation departments
  • Up to 4 tax totals
  • Holiday schedules
  • US or Canadian exchange calculator
  • Multiple discount types
  • Time and Attendance tracking
  • Separate receipt printer, cash drawer and validator
  • Barcode ticket scanner
  • Gate interface options