BriskPark Barcode Machine Readable Express Exit Pay Station (XP-2020N)

Rapid and accurate collection of parking fees

The Model XP-2020N Express Exit Pay Station is a revenue control device that provides for rapid and accurate collection of the parking fee due upon exit from the parking facility. The parking fee is satisfied through the use of the parking patron’s credit card, and is accomplished without the need for an attendant or cashier.

Benefits & Features

  • Completely unattended operation
  • Multiple operational use – as a standard exit verifier or with credit card
  • Safe, 24VDC low voltage operation
  • Internal batteries allow for operation during power interruption
  • Rust-resistant zinc plate steel construction
  • Large back-lit LCD displays date & time, fee due & optional programmable message(s)
  • Built-in thermostatically controlled heater
  • Optional intercom (recommended)
  • Online or offline operation
  • Accepts 4 or 7 mil thick tickets, from TD-7030 Ticket Machines
  • PCI Compliant
  • The XP-2020N is connected to WorldStream Cloud Portal making it easy to track usage and revenue reports through your personalized portal in real-time