BriskPark Barcode Machine Readable Electronic Ticket Dispenser (TD-6030)

A revenue control device that provides a “vend” signal

The Model TD-6030 Ticket Dispenser is a revenue control device that provides a “vend” signal when a ticket is issued. This “vend” sinal causes a lift-arm barrier gate to activate, and allows access into the facility. The Model TD-6030 Barcode Ticket Dispenser is designed to issue a printed date & time, barcode machine readable ticket to an entering parking patron. The TD-6030 is activated by a push-button, loop detector, treadle, or other triggering device. The Ticket Dispenser issues one ticket to each entering parking patron from a continuous 4,000 ticket roll. Each Ticket may be fully preprinted with general facility location and contract disclaimer data.

Benefits & Features

  • Fully automatic easy side access ticket roll loading
  • Non-contact thermal print technology
  • Very fast 2 second issue time
  • 24VDC low voltage operation
  • Optional internal batteries allow for operation during power interruptions
  • Print-On-Demand Barcode
  • Rugged rust-resistant zinc plated steel construction
  • Built-in thermostatically controlled heaters
  • Large back-lit LCD displays date & time, and optional programmable message
  • Optional built-in intercom
  • Online of offline operation capable
  • Tickets 4 or 7 mil thick, 4.5″ by 2.375″
  • Efficient system creating ease of use to customers encouraging repeat business
  • Internal battery provides for continuous service during power outages
  • The Ticket Dispenser contains a microprocessor that can be programmed remotely via available RS-232 communications connection
  • The TD-6030 is connected to WorldStream Cloud Portal, making it easy to track usage and revenue reports through your personalized portal in real-time