BriskPark Barcode Mass Voucher Printer (MVP-1010)

Print on-the-fly

The Model MVP-1010 Mass Voucher Printer is a revenue control device that provides “Print-On-The-Fly” Barcode machine-readable Chaser tickets. This mass voucher printer is readable by other access/egress control devices (readers). The Model MVP-1010 Barcode Mass Voucher Pass Printer is designed to issue a quantity of printed vouchers with starting, ending and Merchant ID codes. These barcode machine readable vouchers are machine readable by all LocoMobi World revenue control equipment. The MVP-1010 is interfaced to a PC based application. The Mass Voucher Pass Printer issues a desired quantity of exit passes or voucher from a continuous 2,500 ticket roll. Each voucher may be fully preprinted with general facility location and contract disclaimer data on one side.

Benefits & Features

  • Easy side access ticket roll loading
  • Safe, low voltage operation
  • Print-On-Demand Barcode
  • Rugged rust-resistant zinc plated steel construction
  • User programmable for starting, ending and merchant ID code
  • The merchant ID code will be tracked by Central Management Control or other LocoMobi World Revenue Control Units
  • Incentivize patrons to use the parking lot and your business
  • Programmable to validate as much or as little of the parking fee a business wants
  • Validations upload directly to WorldStream Cloud Portal so parking management can track usage and analytics