BriskPark Electronic Barcode Machine
Readable Fee Computer (FC-4020)

A revenue control device with remote access

The Barcode Machine-Readable Fee Computer is a revenue control device that provides for the automatic calculation and collection of parking fees based upon elapsed time within the parking facility, and it incorporates reporting features required by parking professionals. The Fee Computer allows for the system cashier to easily input the patron’s entry date and time, which causes the Fee Computer to immediately calculate and display the parking fee due. The Fee Computer is fully programmable and operable as a “stand-alone” device, to be used by authorized operators. The Fee Computer has a 15″ full color LCD display panel, with 256 colors on an analog resistive type touch screen with an anti-reflective cover. This will afford the user a fully functional graphical user interface (GUI) for easy recognition of operational steps.

Benefits & Features

  • Microsoft Windows® Operating System
  • Online or offline operation
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Prompts in plain text language
  • Integrates with Card Access Control Readers & CPU Software
  • Completely field programmable
  • Microsoft Access® Database Engine
  • Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) fully compliant
  • Ethernet networking ready
  • Easy & reliable touch screen
  • Comprehensive reports & auditing
  • Optional remote patron display
  • Full remote access and networking
  • Built-in credit card reader
  • Capable to process remotely issued tickets as well as the tickets issued from the fee computer
  • Incentivize patrons to use the parking lot and your business
  • Programmable to validate as much or as little of the parking fee a business wants (up to 15 different rates)
  • Validations upload directly to WorldStream Cloud Portal so parking management can track usage and analytics