The next generation in curbside pick-up and drive-thru!

Arrival Alarm, powered by LPR Express, notifies establishments in real-time when customers arrive on-site, vastly speeding up the pick-up process. Arrival Alarm eliminates long lines and frustrated customers and instead, streamlines the order & pick-up process saving time and money. Customers are asked to input their license plate number when ordering online or through a business’ mobile app. When they arrive for pick-up, LPR cameras scan their license plates and the establishment is notified instantly of their arrival. LPR Express’s multi-step scanning process uses advanced artificial intelligence to ensure extreme accuracy. Specially build recognition cameras with AI exposure control guarantees the best image possible for the license plate recognition and multiple license plate scans further increases accuracy. Customers no longer have to phone in or scroll through their email inbox when they arrive, thus creating a truly frictionless experience for all parties involved!

Benefits & Features

  • Real-Time Alerts: Get notified instantly of a customer’s arrival on-site
  • Driver feedback: Keep customers in the loop by communicating the next steps
  • Customized voice and sign feedback are supported
  • Flexible pick-up options: Customize the pick-up process to what best suits your property: in-lane, curbside or a dedicated spot for pick-up
  • Increase revenue: The automated process requires less staff, increases turn-around time, and satisfies customers to keep them coming back
  • Sustainable: Less time waiting leads to less idle time, which then leads to less pollution