The SmartCity.Blog Podcast’s Next Guest is Yaron Vorona, COO of Virgil Systems

We are pleased to announce that Yaron Vorona, co-founder and COO of Virgil Systems, will be the next guest speaker on TheSmartCity.Blog podcast on August 11th, 2021, and will talk about cyber protection for the masses.

Yaron Vorona is a strategist, author, and public speaker with expertise in entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, and blockchain. He is currently co-founder and COO of Virgil Systems, a telecom technology company providing assured data integrity and availability for mission-critical systems. Previously, Yaron was founder and CEO of Iota Security, a company focused on preventing cybercrime on mobile and IoT devices. Yaron was also the founder of Deep Defence, a blockchain cybersecurity ecosystem. Prior to founding Iota Security, Yaron worked as an EIR at a think tank working on energy and security policy issues, where he engaged on a project with NATO on the risks to critical infrastructure. Before that, he held a variety of corporate development and consulting roles with technology companies in the UK, Qatar and China. Yaron holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the London Business School (UK), and a BSc. in Physics and Business from the University of Waterloo (Canada). Yaron has lived and worked in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America.

Join hosts Alan Cross & Grant Furlane with Yaron Vorona as they discuss cyber protection for the masses on August  11th, 2021, at TheSmartCity.Blog!

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