The SmartCity.Blog Podcast’s Next Guest is Christopher Invidiata, Team Leader of The Invidiata Team

We are pleased to announce that Christopher Invidiata, Team Leader of The Invidiata Team, will be the next speaker on TheSmartCity.Blog podcast on November 3rd, 2021, and will talk about The Future of the Single Residential Home.

Christopher Invidiata is the Founder and Team Leader of The Invidiata Team.  Christopher and his team of 20 agents have been servicing the Greater Toronto Area since 1985 – over 36 years.  The Invidiata brand is known for their expertise in the luxury and waterfront real estate markets, having listed and sold some of Canada’s most expensive properties.  As a leader in the real estate industry, Christopher has always led through innovation — for realtors and the customer market.  Revolutionizing the real estate industry with Teams decades ago, Christopher has a strong reputation for coaching and advising realtors how to grow their business by losing their ego of “ME” to go to a “WE” concept.  2020, brought another opportunity to evolve the industry; Christopher was introduced to eXp Realty, the industry’s first cloud-based brokerage with no brick-and-mortar operations. Christopher made the biggest move of his career to eXp Realty October 1, 2020 with a commitment to lead the future of real estate in his market and globally.

With over $4 billion in sales, the Invidiata Team is committed  to delivering unparalleled service and expertise in the market which  has earned The Invidiata Team as the number one team in Canada for well over a decade and achieving being  number one team worldwide multiple times  while they were at RE/MAX.

Christopher has received many real estate awards over the years, including but not limited to, the Billionaire’s Club Award, and RE/MAX Circle of Legends which only few in the world have achieved.

Join hosts Alan Cross & Grant Furlane with Christopher Invidiata, as they discuss the The Future of the Single Residential Home on November 3rd, 2021, at TheSmartCity.Blog!

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