TheSmartCity.Blog Podcast’s Next Guest is Rahul Mehra of IBI Group

We are pleased to announce that Rahul Mehra, Director – Senior Practice Lead Intelligent Systems at IBI Group will be the next guest speaker on TheSmartCity.Blog podcast on June 16th, 2021, and will talk about The Smart City Sandbox which is an IBI led initiative to collaborate with like-minded public and private partners.

Rahul, a graduate from the University of Waterloo (Civil Engineering), is a Director within the Intelligent Systems practice at IBI Group. Rahul has over 17 years of experience in intelligent transportation and revenue systems. His project experience includes advisory services and system implementation for transportation systems worldwide.

Building from IBI Group’s mature systems integration and delivery practice, Rahul has been leading multiple internal and open innovation initiatives including a lead role for the Smart City Sandbox; use and deployment of the IBI Group Smart Cities Platform; use of wayfinding sensors for enhanced city experiences, asset management and indoor navigation; development of a multi-channel automated platform for 311, City Services information; smart buildings for building management and resident life; and mobile app development for payment of transportation services.

Join Rahul Mehra and Co-Hosts Alan Cross & Grant Furlane as they discuss the variety of design-driven technology solutions IBI have deployed to improve city operations on June 16, 2021, at TheSmartCity.Blog!

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