Protect Your Parkade From Fob Cloning with LocoMobi World’s License Plate Recognition System

Electronic key fob cloning and copying businesses are booming and they can copy a building fob for as little as $40.00. From small mom and pop shops to sophisticated operations with thousands of key/fob duplicating kiosks across North America, building and parking security have never been more at risk.

Enter LocoMobi World. Our parking and access control system, LetMeThrough powered by LPR Express, uses innovative License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology along with proprietary artificially intelligent applications without the need for fobs, key cards, keys, tickets, or any sort of paper validation. Properties can track all vehicles entering/exiting the property in real-time. Permits and guest reservations are registered through WorldStream, our online portal, so it is as simple as the car driving up to the property and having their license plate scanned. With the license plate acting as a virtual permit, this eliminates trespassers through access key sharing and/or cloning and requires less attention from property management.

LPR Express also has the highest read-rate in the industry, providing 99.9% accuracy of reading legally compliant license plates and inclusive of all vehicle types when using rear and front plate access cameras.

The Added Awareness & Interactive Feedback add-on provides an extra level of security that focuses on keeping tenants safe and intruders out. Property managers, concierges, and security teams are aware of who is in the parking garage at all times including vehicles tailgating inside, vehicles with unauthorized access, and non-vehicles such as persons, skateboards, and bicycles. With WorldStream Dispatch, authorities can be alerted in real-time based on the programmable analytical rules engine.

This system is ideal for commercial buildings, airports, hospitals, institutions, marinas, parks, self-storage, hotels, and other properties requiring a safe and seamless parking operation.

Achieve the highest level of security possible with LocoMobi World! Contact us for a free quote and we will determine what your property needs to keep tenants and visitors safe and intruders out!  

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