LocoMobi World’s CEO Grant Furlane is Featured In Business Talk Magazine


Permission to post this article has been granted by BusinessTalkMagazine.com and was published on December 1, 2021 in  Influential Business Leaders 2021.


They say, “Leaders are made, not born.” Much like empires, companies come and go, but the deeds of their leaders last a lifetime. Looking back over the last ten years, the business community has become more welcoming. And it was the efforts of business veterans, which transformed the business landscape, paving the way for others. They’ve led companies in innovation, helped people see and believe in a goal, and set an example for their employees. Since digitization, leaders have focused more on refining their business. In fact, keeping technology in the centre, they are redefining the principles of business and leadership. And examples of such idols range from Tim Cook, Elon Musk, Jeff Weiner, etc. While some leaders are well-known, other technocrats or leaders, despite their global significance, deserve greater recognition.

Business Talk Magazine, in this edition, “Influential Business Leaders of the Year 2021,” aims to set the stage for such prolific leaders. This brings us to Grant Furlane, CEO of LocoMobi World Inc. Mr. Furlane is a technocrat and a multi-disciplinary leader whose passion for innovations has set several benchmarks in the industrial circuit. The following read is his story and insight to his company, LocoMobi World Inc., a technology firm defining the smart city vision.

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