LocoMobi World Introduces WORLDSTREAM, Full Infrastructure Cloud Management System

LocoMobi World is pleased to announce its newest Cloud-Based Smart City cloud system, WORLDSTREAM. The ability to manage and track vehicles, objects, events, and setting integrated events, coupled with reports, allows multiple buildings, cars, and people to be linked and create a Smart City World. The cloud portal provides thousands of access levels to transportation and building services through interactive devices. Integrations can be with new infrastructure and legacy systems as well. Integration can be done via device applications or at the cloud level. Anyone interacting with the system will have direct links to payment, reservations, security, and with all the merchants and services in the community or city. The system is frictionless and very safe.

“Our goal is to provide a seamless experience to the world,” says CEO Grant Furlane. “We have set up many partnerships and continue to launch a very exciting platform that is proven and with many great references. The system can be full in-house automation, or we can offer management services.”

WORLDSTREAM uses restful APIs for seamless integration. A powerful analytical engine provides powerful reporting, real-time access anywhere, anytime, and maintains system health checks, diagnostics, and self-healing. Many of the applications are illustrated in the diagram.

With hundreds of installations, there is a constant theme LocoMobi World follows: Safe, Frictionless, Secure, Convenient, Sustainable, and  Accommodating.

About LocoMobi World Inc.

LocoMobi World Inc. is a cloud-based Smart City technology company specializing in building, parking, tolling, transit, storage, asset tracking, and threat management solutions. LocoMobi World produces and distributes pioneering technology to government, institutional, and parking management clients throughout North America and has a growing platform of transportation infrastructure patents. LocoMobi provides a full line of products including Pay-On-Foot Kiosks, Pay-On-Exit Stations, and Barrier Gates for Commercial and Residential Facilities. The offering includes interactive applications between merchants, service providers, and patrons.

LocoMobi’s leading cloud-based License Plate Recognition (LPR) system offers a refined approach for revenue control, virtual permitting, violation and citation management, toll road management, managed traffic lanes, gated lane environments, as well as residential multi-level condominium building parking control and access.

For more information please visit our website at https://locomobiworld.com or call Grant Furlane at 416.898.3455.

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