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LocoMobi World: The Future of Cloud-Connected Urban Transit Systems

Sprawling highways, full of serpentine rows of vehicle traffic, dot the downtown Toronto cityscape housed in the Golden Horseshoe, the industrial hub of Southern Ontario. With eyes on transforming the “Horseshoe of Toronto” – the biggest economic infrastructure in Canada – into a smart city, real estate developers simply can’t get enough of the cloud technology available to intelligently streamline parking, tolling, and traffic issues in the busy metropolis. But as always, the cost factor rears its ugly head, as these technologies and their implementation tend to burn holes in the pocket. Juggling between the costs of technology and that of the corresponding infrastructure, smart city projects need to strike a fine balance between the cost factor and the ROI. The solution is to have a proper communication infrastructure and affordably connect it to the cloud. The question is – How?

LocoMobi World shows the way. Founded in 2019, this Toronto-based parking, vehicle management and transportation technology company delivers low-cost cloud-based software solutions and develops innovative enterprise hardware for some of the leading real estate developers and transportation companies in North America. Connecting the cloud infrastructure with proprietary technology like intelligent license plate recognition (LPR) system and a patented location-based mobile payment solution, LocoMobi World is transforming how people move within cities like never before. “We have a very forward-thinking vision of a mobile world of moving people and vehicles, using cloud technology to bring together a smart city initiative,” says Grant Furlane, CEO of LocoMobi World.


LocoMobi World’s robust million dollar cloud infrastructure can be repurposed for various application needs – ideal for smart city initiatives that require tailor-made solutions that align with the specific project’s needs and goals. The crucial responsibility of rolling out the cutting-edge applications and executing the innovative solutions is helmed by LocoMobi World president Brian Storrie, who brings to bear years of experience and expertise in handling big-ticket projects and being in charge of product development for multi-billion-dollar corporations. “We sell problem-solving. We design and develop solutions for our clients, test, deploy, install, and service them, acting as a single project partner from conception to completion,” Storrie says.

Taking customization even further, LocoMobi World has made its cloud open sourced, keeping in mind the changing needs of clients throughout the project development phase, with complete end-to-end solutions existing side-by-side. Moreover, unencumbered by corporate red tape, LocoMobi World can take any high-ended solution from the drawing board to the market in a matter of days or a couple of weeks. LocoMobi World’s lightning-fast development of curb-side delivery and drive-through ordering products–all within a month–showcases their speed of operations.

An All-Encompassing Solution

As pioneers of cloud technology in the smart city industry, LocoMobi World offers a diverse range of products–from mobile apps and software solutions to parking equipment–connected together by its flagship SaaS cloud portal WorldStream. The portal integrates with LocoMobi World’s mobile pay stations and LPR cameras to provide real-time insights into toll revenue collections, operational parameters of parking equipment, and customer statistics. “Our portal connects buildings, places, vehicles, and infrastructure through the cloud. From there, we run enterprise applications that allow operations via tracking vehicles and the people in them, and enable payment procedures in transit,” explains Furlane.

LocoMobi World’s USP lies in the seamless merging of license plate reading, payment gateways and parking and toll collection devices with cloud connectivity, which, according to Furlane, transforms the car itself into a wallet. This combination of diverse technologies acts as “a perfect dovetail” as per Storrie, and helps LocoMobi World differentiate itself in the market with a near-hundred percent accuracy and outstanding customized solutions for its clients. As a plus, LocoMobi World uses AI to carve out the path of least energy expenditure while moving people from point A to point B, resulting in decreased carbon footprint and reduced costs.

Among its other offerings, LocoMobi World has designed a time based mechanical access system that is equipped with an added awareness that provides real-time alerts in case of tailgating, and enacted car mobility systems to better track and solve city transit issues. A fully automated turnkey trucking yard application that can be accessed and used by both the enforcement authorities and the drivers, and electric vehicle chargers connected to the LocoMobi World’s cloud network, further comprise the list of offerings. And the best part: LocoMobi World offers all these at the lowest budget-friendly prices.

Realizing The Grand Dream Of Connected Cities

Giving their best to the direct-to-client and pre-construction markets with their proprietary technologies, LocoMobi World also strives to make a difference in the post-construction after-market. To that end, LocoMobi World deploys automation to solve issues surrounding visitor management and traffic flows to enhance security and enable convenient transportation. Apart from this, LocoMobi World has also developed an enforcement program comprising ticketing and live monitoring features that regulate arrivals and the presence of vehicles and allows or restricts entry based on access permissions.

LocoMobi World has successfully deployed its problem solving skills and winning solutions to remedy the parking and visitor access issues for some of the biggest names in the Canadian real estate development scene. Be it ensuring a vehicular congestion-free ambience around the Saroukian Group-owned Central Parc Hotel in Laval, Quebec, or monitoring vehicle inflows in the parking and garage facilities of the Tridel Group buildings, or mitigating the building visitor access control challenges faced by another leading Canadian real estate developer, LocoMobi World has done it all with their AI and machine learning-equipped platform.

Having founders who had the foresight to build the platform aroundAI has enabled LocoMobi World to develop advanced solutions curated for the future that leaves any competition far behind. “We just introduced our first cybersecurity product that we developed with quantum computing and quantum physics,” Furlane informs, highlighting LocoMobi World’s future-preparedness.

Racing ahead in the smart city building trajectory, LocoMobi World is all set for geographical expansion. “We’ll be taking the success model of the Golden Horseshoe and apply that across North America in strategic areas and centers,” Storrie informs. Latin America is also on the radar, with a deal on the verge of closing in Mexico. From a business angle, LocoMobi World intends to become a wholesaler and is gearing up to launch specific products that have the potential to soar in the B2B market. Also, LocoMobi World will be adding smart wearables and parking lot robots to its product portfolio.

Seeking to expand revenue streams and augment its growing list of channel partners and dealers, LocoMobi World is open to the possibility of collaborating with strategic partners while retaining autonomy over its offerings and operations. With plans for an upcoming smart B2C application aimed at 157 million homeowners in North America, LocoMobi World will continually deliver top-notch innovation to realize the grand dream of connecting cities worldwide.

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