Letter From the President Amid COVID-19

Dear Valued Customers,

I am very proud to inform you that thanks to our dedicated and outstanding employees, LocoMobi World continues to operate during these unprecedented times. As an essential service, we understand our responsibilities and are fully committed to providing you quality and timely service. We are here for you!

Over the past weeks, LocoMobi World has adapted and implemented several changes to ensure safety for both your staff and our employees. We adhere to the physical distancing guidelines, and sanitary measures to keep everyone onsite safe and secure.

One of the proudest moments was our ability to service two sites on the same day last week after our advanced diagnostics and system health checks identified potential issues which were resolved within 24hrs and prevented any significant system disruption and thereby maintaining the integrity of the building security.

We were also one of the first companies to offer a COVID-19 relief package to do our part in contributing to the fight against this pandemic within our communities and providing a solution not just for today, for tomorrow and the future.

On behalf of our LocoMobi World family, we wish you and your loved ones to stay safe, healthy and positive, for we will move forward together.

Sincerest regards,

Brian Storrie


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