Introducing CondoPark

We are LocoMobi World, a Toronto-based parking and transportation technology firm that can assist with your resident and commercial parking management programs at your current properties.

We offer CondoPark, a web-based parking system, which provides a convenient and innovative solution for residents, guests/visitors, deliveries and self-pay parking customers visiting from surrounding retail, restaurants, and event venues.

The innovative Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) technology allows you to control and track vehicles entering the property. No need for cell phones or other devices that could be interchanged and no need for access cards or other consumables such as validations. Tenants are able to reserve visitor parking through the online portal. With this fully automated solution, managing tenant and visitor parking takes up no time!

Control and monitor all parking solutions from your properties in real-time from one central location. This helps save significant costs, reduce exposure to risk, and reduce waste.

Locally, we work with a leading Smart City premier condo developer in Toronto and are their preferred parking management system provider for all of their new developments.

Because of our cutting-edge technology, LocoMobi World has experienced exponential growth with its customers and we are forging a track in the parking industry unlike any other company.

Keep Tenants Safe and Trespassers Out

CondoPark has the ability to simultaneously allow access to only approved vehicles and vehicles utilizing paid parking spaces or levels allocated on your property.

Have a parking zone time limit for deliveries, ride-share vehicles, etc.? Want to cut down unauthorized parking? CondoPark can do it all! Due to our small and nimble team during humble beginnings with a premiere Toronto condo developer, we have created a turnkey solution regardless of the property’s uniqueness.

Automated alerts can let visitors know when they stay past their reservation time, or when a tenant parks in the visitor parking. Audit reports (with photos) of vehicle entry and exits are always available. Additionally, the system can limit the number of visitors any tenant can reserve per month.


  • Encrypted cloud connections ensure maximum security and privacy.
  • No need for costly consumables such as access cards. (Tenants cannot give their access cards to friends – only their cars will get access).
  • Visitor reservations can be made by both tenants and building staff.
  • Visitor reservations mean tenants know ahead of time of their visitors, ensuring a place to park.
  • Equipment and patent-pending software.
  • Automated alerts – concierge and staff personnel can manage residents and visitors through portal access.
  • Connect & control all parking activities, equipment and solutions from all your properties in real-time through one central hub.
  • No need for validation tickets.

Have any questions?

We’d love to get in touch and chat more about how CondoPark is the right fit for your property. Contact us today!

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