The SmartCity.Blog Podcast’s Next Speakers are Grant Furlane & Brian Storrie of LocoMobi World

We are pleased to announce that Grant Furlane, CEO, and Brian Storrie, President, will be the next guest speakers on TheSmartCity.Blog podcast on July 28th, 2021, and will talk about LocoMobi World and their WorldStream initiative. 

Grant Furlane has over 40 years of technology experience specializing in Smart City Transportation, Network Security, Cloud Computing, Loyalty Programs and the Parking, Transit and Tolling industries. He has been involved in over 600 million dollars in technology investments and was contracted to lead the initiatives of several large public IT companies. He aggressively built three transportation technology companies that established the vanguard for tracking and monitoring vehicle movement. 

Grant is also a serial entrepreneur who invests in and assists start-ups in reaching rollout and successful execution. Expertise in areas of Cloud Computing, Advanced Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Futurist. Specialties include Human Performance both mentally and physically combining technology with protection and fitness.

A former President of the Canadian Parking Association, Grant served as Co-Chairman for the first World Symposium on Intelligent Transportation Systems, an international symposium attended by delegates representing 50 countries. In addition, Grant was a guest contributor at the United Nations congress for Infrastructure. As a result of his successful business experience, his companies’ technological innovation, and his international scope, Grant  is considered one of the industry leaders.

Grant also served as Chairman to the Neurological Hospitals Centers for Ability, and the Board of Governors of Ontario Junior A Hockey, and has investments in the Entertainment and Sports industries.

Brian Storrie joined LocoMobi World Inc. in 2020 and brings over 23 years of technology development and manufacturing experience in the life-safety and security industries where he specialized in hardware, SaaS, cloud, app, and other integrated software solutions. Brian comes to LocoMobi World from dormakaba where he served as the Assistant Vice President of product management for electronics, access and data. Prior to that, he was the Canadian Marketing Leader for Honeywell Security & Fire and Sr. Global Production Manager for Tyco, where he pioneered the production and commercialization of interactive IoT services across the security industry globally. Brian has been recognized throughout his career for outstanding leadership, market savvy tactics, innovative solutions, exceptional customer service, and for providing operational excellence. He has a proven track record of profitable organic growth. He is also a former board member of Secure Schools Alliance.

Brian is a happily married proud father of three and a dedicated self-proclaimed “workaholic family man”. He has his associate’s degree in electronics engineering for RCC Institute of Technology, is skilled in Lean manufacturing, is pragmatic marketing certified and has his DFSS six sigma green belt. In his spare time, he is an avid reader and enjoys quality time with his family.

Join and Co-Hosts Alan Cross & Grant Furlane, along with Brian Storrie as they discuss their new WorldStream Cloud technology on July 28th, 2021, at TheSmartCity.Blog!

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