Don’t Be Fooled By Other License Plate Recognition Systems

LocoMobi World’s CondoPark, powered by LPR Express, is the ONLY License Plate Recognition (LPR) system providing not just access to a building, but many other enhancing features:

  • Touchless access – license plates act as virtual permits.
  • No parking attendants required – eliminates the requirement for social interaction.
  • Eliminates trespassers through access key sharing – no fobs, keys, or cards to be passed around.
  • Tenants can register their guests’ license plate numbers online allowing them safe access.
  • Our WorldStream Cloud Portal allows you to control all parking activities, equipment, and solutions from your property in one central location in real-time and provides analytical reports.
  • Only our LPR system has the highest read rate in the industry at 99.9% accuracy.

CondoPark is scalable and becomes even more powerful when paired with these proprietary solution based add-ons:

  • Added Awareness – uses an artificially intelligent engine to push real-time alerts to front desk personnel of all unauthorized and unusual behaviour at the garage doors, such as vehicle tailgating, trespassing pedestrians, and bicycles.
  • Interactive Feedback – drivers receive real-time feedback from the LPR smart programmable LED sign and/or an industrial light tower with an optional voice speaker.
  • WorldStream Dispatch – there is no need for on-site security personnel. We provide coverage only when required through automated on-demand requests, manual on-demand requests or scheduled patrols.

LocoMobi World is the leader in all-in-one License Plate Recognition parking management systems for national clients such as Tridel. Don’t be fooled by other companies offering LPR technology. Only LocoMobi World provides the safest and secure solutions for condominiums! 

We tailor our CondoPark packages based on the requirements and budget of the property. Ask us about our special COVID-19 pricing for an impenetrable security system today! Email or call us at (416)-883-2463.

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