The SmartCity.Blog Podcast’s Next Guest is Darryl Hurs, Director of Market Development, CD Baby, Canada

We are pleased to announce that Darryl Hurs, Director of Market Development CD Baby Canada, will be the next guest speaker on TheSmartCity.Blog podcast on August 25th, 2021, and will talk about technology in the music industry.

Darryl Hurs (CD Baby / Indie Week) has a 25+ year history in the music business including launching and running one of Canada’s largest emerging artist showcase festival/conferences Indie Week Canada (Nov 9-13, 2021). Since COVID began, Darryl has also launched three new online music and tech conferences Music Pro Summit (Sept 8 – 11), SCREENxSCREEN (February), and indie101 (April). He is a consultant for a number of international business development programs and conferences. Darryl currently is also the Director of Market Development in Canada for online distributor CD Baby. Past positions include graphic design and event branding for Live Nation (which included re-branding / logo design for Live Nation, launching, and various marketing materials for artists such as Madonna, U2, Nickelback), artist manager, and venue booker.

Join hosts Alan Cross & Grant Furlane with Darryl Hurs as they discuss technology in the music industry on August  25th, 2021, at  TheSmartCity.Blog!

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