CondoPark Management System


With the ever-changing world, we see condominiums, apartments, and gated communities becoming a hub of activity. People are establishing home offices, deliveries are increasing and security becomes more important than ever. Condo living is resort-style living at its best.

CondoPark becomes your automated transportation and parking manager while ensuring unwanted people and vehicles are not accessing your garages.

CondoPark has unlimited potential and has the flexibility to adapt to the best features for your operation.

Tenants and/or Concierges can:

  • Manage deliveries of all types of vendors in a secure and efficient manner.

  • Manage parking of tenants and ensure they and their cars and bikes are secure.

  • Manage visitors - no passes or cards - on-demand in real-time.

  • Manage reservations - parking can be managed in advance as non-tenant parking becomes more and more valuable.

  • Security - provide tenants assurance that parking areas are tracked and protected of vandalism, tailgating, car theft, and any other infractions.

  • Real-time monitoring - from anywhere.

  • Compatible with your current systems and upgradable.

  • Optional License Plate Recognition.

The future of Condo living is changing and CONDOPARK takes care of these parking needs. Software is a small monthly fee so it is very affordable for all environments.


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