Detect, Identify and be Alerted of Theft & Burglary in Parking Garages with CondoPark & Added Awareness!

Theft and burglaries are on the rise in condo parking garages across North America amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Ottawa Police see a 70% spike in break and enter calls during the COVID-19 pandemic including a string of several occurring in parking garages in commercial or residential buildings. In Toronto, more than 20 vehicles were broken into overnight at an underground parking garage this past March. CNN recently stated that since the beginning of the pandemic, major US cities have reported increased car thefts with the New York Police Department reporting a 53% increase over last year and the Los Angeles Police Department reporting an 11.3% increase in March and April over the previous month.

Tenants of condominiums are seeking safe and secure housing, and that includes the parking garage. With continuous traffic coming in and out throughout the day, parking garages are often an easy target for those looking to break in… but not with CondoPark and Added Awareness!

LocoMobi World’s CondoPark Parking Management Software is a web-based parking system that uses industry-leading License Plate Recognition technology to instantly give access to registered tenants and guests by reading their license plates in seconds! All guests are securely registered through an encrypted online portal, providing both convenience and the highest level of security. This eliminates the need for fobs or access keys, which can easily be stolen and used by potential burglars. 

That’s not all, our Added Awareness & Interactive Feedback add-on provides an extra level of security that focuses on keeping tenants safe and intruders out. Your front desk and security teams are aware of who is in the parking garage at all times including vehicles tailgating inside, vehicles with unauthorized access, and non-vehicles such as persons, skateboards, and bicycles.  

Using artificial intelligence to monitor the property via the entry and exit garage doors, the front desk/concierge is alerted in real-time of all unauthorized vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians attempting to access the building through the garage. Simultaneously, the alert activates a loudspeaker in the on-ramp area, notifying the trespassers that they have not been granted access. It can also warn drivers to slow down when speeding. Using advanced vision intelligence, the system can identify characteristics of intruders such as vehicle colour, make, and model. A photo is also taken of the vehicle along with the license plate number so that the proper action can be taken to remove the intruder. Additionally, property managers can customize and configure the alerts that best suit their needs of security to give them peace of mind. 

We tailor our CondoPark packages based on the requirements and budget of the property. Ask us about our special COVID-19 pricing and let’s get the ball rolling on an impenetrable security system today! Email or call us at (416)-883-2463.

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