TheSmartCity.Blog Podcast’s Next Guest is Carter Li of SWTCH Energy Inc.

We are pleased to announce Carter Li, CEO & Co-Founder of SWTCH Energy Inc., a Toronto-based company providing innovative electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy management solutions for multi-unit residential and commercial settings, will be the next guest speaker on TheSmartCity.Blog in December and will discuss the evolution and forecast for electric vehicle chargers, their intrinsic features and their application in residential and commercial facilities.

SWTCH focuses on reducing the technical and financial barriers to EV charging accessibility through open-standards compliance and smart energy management. Since 2016, Carter has grown SWTCH from an idea to a commercial business with 100+ customers and partners across North America. For his work at SWTCH, Carter was awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s Visionaries Prize in Scientific and Technological Innovation. Previously, Carter served as a Senior Management Consultant at Deloitte Digital.

Join Carter and Co-Hosts Alan Cross & Grant Furlane for an in-depth session on how SWTCH Energy Inc. is Electrifying the Transportation System on December 9th, 2020 at TheSmartCity.Blog!

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