The Smartest Gate In the Market At the Best Value

LocoMobi World is pleased to introduce BriskPark, our new Parking Access and Revenue Control Solution offering ten new innovative products. First up is our BriskPark Smart Gate! Most parking applications start with a simple gate… As a leader in LPR and Payment Technology, we decided to make our gate as smart as all of our products at the best value in the market today! 

This slick & quick access gate is ideal for toll and parking applications. It has advanced safety features with many smart options as it is embedded with the WorldStream Cloud Management Portal giving you the power to know and control from anywhere in the world! The durable, slim, and lightweight BriskPark Smart Gate can withstand years of weathering blackouts and rebounds and can be customized to your needs with a standard folding arm gate or fence gate that reaches up to 23’. Best of all it is easy to install and set up! 

Want more information on the smartest gate in the market? Click here or e-mail or call us at (416)-883-2463.

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