LocoMobi World is a Proven Industry Leader with the Highest License Plate Read Rates and the Only Company Offering Added Awareness Security & Peace of Mind

On the November 13th Dateline Episode “10 Minutes to Sunset,” pediatric dentist Kendra Hatcher is found dead. Police uncover a complex plot as the suspect leads investigators on an international manhunt and is placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. Something that could perhaps have prevented this was a more secure parking garage.

In this episode, you will see the vehicles in question enter the parking garage by illegally tailgating authorized tenants of the building that had permissible access. The tenants were using a programmable keycard system. This type of story is becoming far too common.

Using LocoMobi World’s LetMeThrough, powered by LPR Express along with our proprietary artificially intelligent applications, properties are able to track all vehicles entering/exiting the property in real-time due to our industry-leading License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology. Permits and guest reservations are registered through WorldStream, our online portal, so it is as simple as the car driving up to the property, without the need for any social interaction with property staff, FOBs, tickets, or any sort of paper validation. With the license plate acting as a virtual permit, this eliminates trespassers through access key sharing and requires less attention from property management. The Added Awareness & Interactive Feedback add-on provides an extra level of security that focuses on keeping tenants safe and intruders out. Property managers, concierges, and security teams are aware of who is in the parking garage at all times including vehicles tailgating inside, vehicles with unauthorized access, and non-vehicles such as persons, skateboards, and bicycles. With WorldStream Dispatch, authorities can be alerted in real-time based on the programmable analytical rules engine.

In summary, there are three key areas of the system:

  1. Reads plate and image to track license plate.
  2. Recognizes tailgating of unwanted vehicles – verbally alerts and the alarm calls police.
  3. Tracks vehicle if it escapes with access to plate by authorities. 

This system is ideal for commercial buildings, airports, hospitals, institutions, marinas, parks, self-storage, hotels, and other properties requiring a safe and seamless parking operation.

The need to provide a safe and secure parking environment for tenants has risen exponentially during the pandemic. We tailor our packages based on the requirements and budget of the property. LocoMobi World is a proven industry leader with the highest license plate read rates and the only one offering Added Awareness Security & peace of mind.

Ask us about our special COVID-19 pricing! Email info@locomobiworld.com or call us at (416)-883-2463.

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