Toll Highway and Bridge System Software

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Toll management software is used to manage and operate a toll system efficiently. This type of software is used to decrease errors and create efficient databases for electronic toll-collection systems.

What Is an Electronic Toll System?

Toll systems are fee collection systems used on a regional, municipal, national, and international level. They can be used by businesses, airports, municipalities, and governments alike. These systems traditionally used barrier systems; however, with the rise of smart tolling solutions, this is starting to change. Electronic toll systems, for example, may not even have barriers anymore.

Users can register their vehicle license plate on the electronic system, scanned by barrier-free road tolls. This system can automatically take payment or create an online invoice for payment. Smart Barrier gates are used in many layouts like Toll bridges to ensure security at crossings.

Often, this system is paired with a smartphone application or in-vehicle technologies to implement charges and levies (such as ticketing). These systems can be proven to decrease traffic and congestion at tolling stations and create cost-efficient and convenient tolling solutions.

Benefits of Toll System Software

Today’s tolling systems are often based on outdated processes, technologies, and applications that cannot meet customer demands for better cost-efficiency, service quality, and functionality. Modernizing existing tolling systems or whole end-to-end processes is a great way to ensure their future security. The benefits of these toll management systems include:

  1. Substantial time savings.
  2. Simplified payment methods.
  3. User discounts for frequent travelers.
  4. Less congestion and more freedom on roads.
  5. Data collection and control capabilities.

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