Municipal Parking Solutions

More efficient parking amenities.

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With the rise of job opportunities in cities, municipalities must prepare for increased commuting, causing increased traffic and the need for safe municipal parking solutions. With intelligent parking solutions, you can create new opportunities for more efficient parking amenities that establish a sense of safety while generating revenue for the municipality.

LocoMobi World’s Municipal Parking Management Systems

Our market-leading municipal parking solutions are available for all sizes of municipalities, from small to large. They provide all the technology and tools you need to manage mobility and parking in your city. Some benefits of our municipal parking systems include:

  • Increased turnover and maximized curb space to improve your bottom line.
  • Revenue generation through convenient customer-friendly parking services.
  • Highly configurable pricing and payment options.
  • Easy and efficient parking enforcement with the latest software and real-time data.
  • Optimized operations with parking and curbside management solutions.
  • Increased levels of satisfaction with voters as frequented areas are becoming safer and more secure, and cities are being upgraded with new and advanced services.
  • Simplified traffic and tolling capabilities with electronic toll collection, urban transportation management, and automated speed control.

With our solutions, you can access:

  • Automated parking and revenue control.
  • Enforcement and citation management.
  • License plate recognition cameras.
  • Barrier gates.
  • Entry kiosks.
  • Payment kiosk and meter.
  • Intelligent systems in traffic and tolling.