Mall Parking Management Systems

Keep traffic flowing and ensure visitors have ample, secure parking.

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LocoMobi World is passionate about creating customized parking solutions for different institutions and businesses. Malls have a wide range of requirements for mall parking management systems, ensuring maximum security and efficiency of their parking areas. Our solutions include advanced hardware and cloud-based software solutions to aid in the streamlining of parking operations. Keep your traffic flowing and ensure visitors have ample, secure parking today.

LocoMobi World’s Secure, Efficient Mall Parking Solutions

Not only can you achieve streamlined processes and secure parking, but mall parking management solutions can also provide you with:

  • Ease of management with cloud portals and remote access capabilities.
  • Seamless flow of traffic.
  • Safe, ticketless parking experiences.
  • Safe and easy revenue collection.
  • Remote technical support.

Some of the solutions offered by LocoMobi world for your business include:

  • BrisPark Parking Equipment Hardware. This includes parking gates and revenue control equipment with the option of various add-ons.
  • Ticket Dispensers. Help manage environments with high traffic flow with automatic ticket dispensers.
  • Payment Kiosk And Meter. The Mojo pay station is built with security and functionality and can be used as a pay-in-lane or pay-on-foot station.
  • WorldStream Cloud Portal. Control your systems from anywhere in the world with live video streams, open gates remotely, change pricing, etc.
  • License Plate Recognition. Read license plates upon vehicle entry and exit in seconds. Combine LPR express with the PassagePass App; users pay for parking on the App and gain access to the parking lot when the LPR express scans their license plate and allows them entry.
  • MobiVision Glasses. Equip your security staff with glasses that can read license plates and has voice recognition for manual commands.
  • Spot Information Cloud Based System. Allows users to track, manage and monetize their parking spots

With LocoMobi World, you can make your parking areas more convenient and user-friendly for staff and visitors. Maximize your parking potential and revenue generation with well-organized support services for your mall. To learn more about our mall parking management system, contact LocoMobi World today.