Drive-Thru POS System

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Many businesses have seen the value of drive-thru services for consumers. Innovative technology can play a significant role in creating effective and accurate drive-thru systems for businesses of all types and sizes.

What is a Drive-Thru System?

Convenience has become a big part of the customer experience; consumers want to be able to get their products and services quickly and hassle-free. This is why so many establishments have now opted for drive-thru and curbside pickup systems so that clients can receive their goods without leaving their cars. A drive-thru system is explicitly designed to help businesses manage the various aspects of drive-thru operations to make them as convenient as possible.

Businesses can benefit from smart drive-thru systems that notify them when customers arrive on-site in real-time, speeding up the drive-thru process and ensuring accurate order delivery. Fewer errors or waiting time makes for higher customer satisfaction and workflow optimization.

How to Choose a Drive-Thru POS System?

Since the demand for drive-thru POS systems has been rising, the technology behind these systems has had to keep up. You can find many options for drive-thru software, but to choose the right system for your business, there are several key aspects that you should take into consideration, such as:

  1. Can the system handle data with speed?
  2. How does the system ensure compliance and security?
  3. How seamlessly can you implement the software?
  4. Does the system integrate well with your existing concept?
  5. Can the system be scaled for growth?

LocoMobi World’s LPR Express powers Arrival Alarm. This is the next generation in convenience for curbside pick-up and drive-through. Your establishment will be notified immediately when customers arrive on-site.

Customers must include their license plates along with their order. Added Awareness offers interactive software that allows registration as well as reporting. LPR Express cameras scan plates and notify you when they arrive. LPR Express’s multi-step scanning process employs advanced artificial intelligence to ensure high accuracy. The plate recognition camera is specially designed with AI exposure control. This ensures the highest quality image.

With this system, clients can pay online. The system will connect their order and payment verification with their license plate. Once the car arrives, the system will notify your business and confirm that the payment has been made. The order can then simply be sent out.

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