Curbside Pickup Software

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Curbside pickup software has become a crucial requirement for businesses that want to streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction. Since convenience has become one of the most vital considerations for modern buyers, the easier it is to get something, the better.

Curbside pickup has given these customers a way to do their shopping online and collect these items without even leaving their cars. For businesses that want to adopt this model, however, there is a significant need for logistical support. With all the orders going through the industry, companies must remain on top of their operations to avoid error and confusion.

How Do Curbside Pickups Work?

With curbside pickup, your customer places their order through the online store/portal. They fill in their order details and decide on a payment method. These order details are then sent to your business. The order is prepared for pickup, and you will be notified when the customer arrives.

With smart curbside software, such as Arrival Alarm, the client can add their license plate number to their order details. License plate recognition (LPR) cameras scan the license plates of customers arriving for pick-up. The establishment is immediately notified. LPR Express’s multi-step scanning process makes it possible to achieve extreme accuracy. Multiple license plate scans and specially designed recognition cameras with AI exposure control ensure the highest quality image for license plate recognition.

The customer does not have to call in before they arrive; once you are notified of the arrival, your staff can simply take their order to them (or the customer can come in-store to collect.)

Benefits of Curbside Pickup

You can create a memorable, satisfying and profitable customer experience with an efficient curbside pickup program. There are several benefits that curbside pickup apps can offer your establishment, such as:

  1. Attract And Retain Customers: Many people find it much easier and more efficient to drive up to the store and have all their items ready. It saves time and reduces the wait in line by letting employees do the legwork. The convenience of contactless curbside ordering software improves customer satisfaction and, therefore, retention.
  2. Cost-Efficiency: You can fulfill more orders per hour with a grocery pickup service and less customer interaction. This ease of congestion creates more customers getting helped in less time with fewer incidents, boosting your sales and return customers.
  3. Create a Better Customer Database: You will have complete control of all data related to curbside pickup, including customer personal and transaction data. You will have greater control over your curbside retail software and the information it collects. This will increase your chances of success. You can monitor program KPIs to track your success and improve your program.
  4. Scale Your Operations With Advanced Flexibility: You can optimize your pickup program to ensure that you can keep up with short-term spikes and overall demand. You can increase your order capacity in your stores without changing staffing. This flexibility prevents customer drop-off, increases efficiency, and ultimately improves profitability.

These and many other technologies and solutions are available if you partner with the right curbside pick-up program partner. This will allow you to grow your program. If you are interested in learning more about LocoMobi World’s smart curbside pickup software solutions, contact us today!